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  • Treating Dry Eye
    Everyone wants to see the world clearly. At Eyes Over Copley, Dr. Fox provides eye care services ranging from regular eye exams to pre-operative and post-operative care for patients in Read more
  • Eye Care Treatment For Cataracts
    Cataracts occur when a clouding on the lens of your eye obstructs your vision. Luckily cataracts can be surgically removed by an optometrist and your vision restored. At Eyes Over Read more
  • Treating Pink Eye
    Pink eye is an uncomfortable condition that affects the eyes. Conjunctivitis can threaten your health and vision, even if only temporarily. Dr. Fox and our team at Eyes Over Copley Read more
  • How to Pick the Right Eye Glasses
    Choosing the Right Glasses for You When choosing the right eyewear to correct your vision, it can be tough to pick out just the right pair of glasses. That's why our Read more
  • Astigmatism FAQs
    Astigmatism is a common vision problem that affects the ability to see images and text clearly. It results from irregularities of the curvature of the eye, causing objects both up Read more
  • Relieving Digital Eye Strain
    With the increasing influence of technology on our lives, many people suffer from eye strain regularly. We spend more time than ever using phones, computers, and tablets for work and Read more
  • Blue Light Protection Tips
    Don't Let Blue Light and Screen Time Harm Your Vision Never before have people spent more time in front of screens. Whether you use your computer, phone, or tablet for work, Read more
  • Eye Health Nutrition Tips
    Scheduling routine eye exams with an eye doctor is an essential part of healthcare. Nutrition is an important aspect of eye health that is often overlooked. At Eyes Over Copley, Read more
  • 3 Things to Know about Eye Floaters
    Things to Know about Eye Floaters At Eyes Over Copley in Boston, MA, we provide our patients with high-quality eye care services. Our eye doctor, Dr. Patricia Fox, provides care in Read more
  • Glaucoma: Risk Factors, Signs and Treatments
    Glaucoma is an eye disease that is a leading cause of blindness. Glaucoma refers to damage to the optic nerve due to increased pressure within the eye. The optic nerve Read more
  • Causes of Eye Twitching
    Almost everyone has felt one of their eyelids twitch at least once in their lives; it's a very common phenomenon. However, it's also a very annoying phenomenon, especially when the Read more
  • Progressive Eye Disorder
    What Causes It and How to Treat It Progressive eye disorder, also known as keratoconus, is a condition that affects both eyes and could lead to significant vision loss if left Read more
  • What's Causing Your Eye Pain?
    Eye pain can be caused by conditions involving the eye itself or aggravated by conditions of structures surrounding the eye. Eye pain refers to any prevailing situation in which you Read more
  • How to Choose an Eye Doctor in Boston
    Choosing an Eye Doctor When looking for an eye doctor, you want the best. It might be a difficult choice to make, but we're here to help. At Eyes Over Copley Read more
  • How Your Sleeping Position Could Contribute to Dry Eye
    How Your Sleeping Position Could Contribute to Dry Eye Dry eye is a common ailment. In fact, it is the most common reason for seeking eye care. People who live with Read more
  • Dry Eye after LASIK
    Dry Eye after LASIK Even when your vision improves after LASIK surgery, dry eye can be a common complication. LASIK itself may not be the trigger since about three-quarters of those Read more