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What to Do When You Have a Foreign Body in Eye

When an eyelash, dirt particle, or other foreign body ends up in your eye, you may experience pain and excessive tearing until it is removed. You must carefully remove the foreign object to relieve the discomfort without damaging your eye. If you rub the particles into the surface of your eye, you could end up with a corneal abrasion or other complications. Utilize this guide to learn how to safely remove a foreign body from your eye and when to seek care from an optometrist in Boston at Eyes Over Copley.

Stay Calm with Effective Breathing Techniques

Feeling an eyelash or other foreign body in your eye can induce a bit of panic. Keep yourself calm with effective belly breathing techniques while you work on removing the painful particles. Maintaining these calm breathing patterns will help you resist the urge to rub the dirt out of your eye.

Resist the Urge to Rub When You Have Dust in Eye

You must not rub your eye if you have any particles on the surface of your eye, as this could leave a corneal abrasion, which runs the risk of getting infected and causing vision loss. Therefore, never rub your eye to dislodge foreign bodies, no matter how strong the urge may be. You can try rapidly blinking to help the tears dislodge the feeling of something in eye.

Wash Carefully to Start Removing Debris from Eye

You can effectively, and safely, remove dust in eye by using an eyewash station or completing this task in your bathroom. Simply run cool water over the surface of your eye from the sink or shower to help flush out dust in eye. When you learn how to rinse eye, you can quickly remove eyelashes, dust and other foreign body in eye without complications.

Call Your Optometrist for a Checkup and Eye Care

If you cannot remove foreign body in eye, or figure out how to wash eyes, contact your Boston optometrist for help. At our optometry clinic, you can receive support in removing debris from eye and washing the surface to find relief. Receive the help you need today with a call to Eyes Over Copley at 617-859-0630.