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The Dangers of Blue Light

The Dangers of Blue Light for Your Eyes

Not all light rays are created equal. Blue light -- the type of light that's emitted from your TV, your laptop, and your smartphone -- carries a number of vision and health risks that you should know about. In this blog post, Eyes Over Copley, your optometrist serving Boston, Cambridge, Charlestown, and Brookline, explains why you should be mindful about how much blue light you're exposed to.

What Is Blue Light?

The visible spectrum of light contains rays in all the colors of the rainbow. On one side of the spectrum is red light, which contains the least energy of all types of light rays. On the other side of the spectrum is blue light, which contains the most energy.

Blue light is natural -- you're exposed to it every day in the form of sunlight. But man-made inventions like fluorescent lighting, smartphones, and flat-screen TVs deliver a more intense dose of blue light rays than what you'd get from the sun. Many doctors think that these high-energy light rays could damage your eyes and sleep patterns.

The Risks of Blue Light for Your Health

Unlike other types of light, the high-energy rays of blue light are able to penetrate your eyes and hit your retinas without being filtered out. Experts believe this can damage your retinas over time. Too much blue light exposure can create symptoms similar to those of macular degeneration, a serious eye disease that may cause blindness.

Blue light can also cause problems with your circadian rhythm, which tells your body when to sleep and when to wake up. This is why using your phone or computer before bed can cause insomnia. Using a screen filter can cut down on blue-light-related sleep problems.

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