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Treating farsightedness starts with an eye exam. Fortunately, you can do everything from getting a comprehensive eye exam to prescription eyeglasses for you and your entire family here at Eyes Over Copley. Learn more about how we help patients with their eye care and vision loss needs. Whether you already know you have farsightedness or need to get tested, we can assist you today.

What is Farsightedness and How Do I Treat This Vision Issue Safely?

Hyperopia or farsightedness is a vision condition that prevents you from seeing objects nearby. When you see the objects close to you these are blurry. The only way to treat farsightedness is with vision correction. At our optometrist serving Cambridge, Charlestown, Boston, Brookline and surrounding areas, we treat farsightedness in a number of ways.

What are the Types of Vision Correction for Hyperopia?

To treat and correct hyperopia so you can see objects closely and clearly, we begin with a comprehensive eye exam. This determines the degree of farsightedness along with the right prescription strength for treating this condition. Along with eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses, at Eyes Over Copley, we use contact lenses and in some cases we can recommend LASIK eye surgery. As an optometry clinic, we offer pre- and post-care for eye surgery.

Should I Seek an Eye Doctor for Farsightedness?

Yes, you should visit an eye doctor if you are having trouble seeing objects up close. This vision issue will lead to eye strain, headaches, and other symptoms associated with squinting to see closely. By treating your farsightedness, you can alleviate a whole range of other health issues. Plus, you will finally be able to see normally and with clarity thanks to proper vision therapy.

Choose Our Boston Eye Doctor Today

Start your treatment for farsightedness today with our Boston eye doctor at Eyes Over Copley. Contact our office by calling 617-859-0630 and schedule your eye exam to begin treating your vision issue. We also offer eyeglasses and eyewear to help with your vision correction. Here at our office location our optometrist also serves the communities of greater Boston, Newton, Somerville, and Metro West.