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Eye Trauma

Eye Trauma

At Eyes Over Copley in Boston, we treat eye trauma for patients of all ages. Whether you have cut your eyelid or have trouble seeing, our eye doctor is ready to assist you. Here is more information about eye trauma.

What is an Eye Trauma?

Damage to the eyes, surrounding tissues, or bones from a direct hit is called an eye trauma. An eye trauma can affect your vision temporary or permanently, and can be mild or severe. Causes of an eye injury may include a scratched eye, foreign objects in the eye, chemical splash to the eye, subconjunctival hemorrhage, traumatic iritis, and orbital blowout fractures. Symptoms may vary with each cause, but can include pain, vision loss, an eye sticking out, inability to move the eye, and bleeding in the lens.

Do I Need an Eye Exam for an Eye Injury?

Yes! Our optometrist will need to assess the injury in order to see if an infection has occurred. Our doctor of optometry will also evaluate the cause and severity of your eye trauma. We will then provide you with the appropriate vision and eye care services to help relieve your eye pain.

What Are the Treatments Available for An Eye Trauma?

Depending on your eye trauma, our optometrist may recommend the following treatments:

  • Cold pack if you got hit in the eye

  • Prescription medication for scratched eyes, if necessary

  • Saline solution or eye wash for foreign objects in the eye

  • Surgery for more severe cases  

Seek Optometry Treatment in Boston, MA

At Eyes Over Copley, we are happy to serve the residents of Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, and Arlington. Whether you need an eye exam or treatment for an eye trauma, our team is here to help. Contact our optometry clinic at 617-850-9484 to make an appointment, or to request additional information about eye trauma.