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Pink Eye Treatment From Our Optometrist

Pink Eye Treatment Provided by Eyes Over Copley in Boston, MA

Conjunctivitis, commonly referred to as pink eye, is an infection of the eye that can create a lot of discomfort and irritation. The infection is caused by either a virus or bacteria and depending on the cause, the treatment will differ. If you wear contacts and contract pink eye, remove them immediately and thoroughly clean the eyes and your contact cases. There are a number of remedies that you can do at home as complementary treatments to medication recommended by your doctor.

pink eye treatment from our eye doctor

How Do I Get Rid of Pink Eye?

If your pink eye is caused by bacteria your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic that will be effective in clearing up the infection. There are no medications that treat pink eye that is a result of a virus, and home and natural remedies are sufficient to combat the infection.

What Are Some Natural Remedies for Pink Eye?

Cold or warm compresses are effective treatments for reducing the discomfort that pink eye can cause as well as help to reduce drainage. Use a separate compress for each eye as the infection can be passed from one eye to the next and be sure to thoroughly clean them after each use. Be sure to always wipe your eye from the inside to the outer corner and properly dispose of any tissues that come into contact with the infected area.

How Long Does Pink Eye Last?

Pink eye will last less than a week, typically around three to five days. If your doctor has prescribed medication be sure to take all of it even if your symptoms clear up. Because pink eye is so contagious you should limit the exposure you have to other people. The infection becomes less contagious after three days or so.

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What remedies have been successful for you when treating pink eye?