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Workplace Eye Wellness

Workplace Eye Wellness in Boston, MA

You spend hours of time each day at your workplace, so you want to be aware of the dangers to your vision that may exist. While ensuring proper eye care in Boston plays a role in maintaining the health of your eyes, you also want to understand ways to prevent injuries and complications from your work environment. At Eyes Over Copley, we offer solutions to help you keep up with the health of your eyes at work.

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Common Workplace Injuries

Injuries to the eyes from your work environment fall into three main categories: flying objects, chemicals, and other particles. It may also relate directly to the tools you use at work. 

In an office environment, the danger to your eyes ultimately stems from eye strain. Dr. Fox provides solutions to help reduce eye strain from computer-related work after identifying the potential risk factors.

Preventing Problems at Work

Preventing work-related problems and maintaining the well-being of your eyes at work depends on your situation. Generally, you should have an eye exam every 1-2 years to discuss concerns about your eyes. You also want to ensure proper eye care by addressing concerns that may arise in the future.

In your work environment, follow any guidelines set by an employer for eye protection. If you work in an environment with flying objects or tools that cause particles to fly up, then wear eye protection. You also want to wear eye protection around harmful chemicals. The type of protection depends on your needs and the risks in your workplace.

Getting Your Eye Exam at Eyes Over Copley, From Our Optometrist in Boston

An eye exam from Dr. Fox, our optometrist in Boston allows you to discuss risks and determine appropriate solutions for your situation. At our practice, we may provide advice about materials for protective eyewear that also helps correct vision when you have an eye condition. We may also make suggestions about addressing injuries that may occur at work.

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Workplace injuries to your eyes and eye strain from your work environment play a key role in long-term eye care in Boston. When you want to avoid problems, you need to protect your eyes. To learn more about keeping your eyes safe or for an appointment, call 617-859-0630 today.