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Pink Eye Treatment

woman suffering from pink eye

Pink Eye Information From Eyes Over Copley in Boston

If you believe you have pink eye symptoms, it is likely you want to find an appropriate treatment so discomfort discontinues. Many people find that a trip to Eyes Over Copley in Boston to meet with our optometry team is the best way to handle this condition. Our optometrist will have pink eye remedies available that will alleviate eye infections in addition to stopping symptoms. Here is some information about pink eye and treatment options available.

Pink Eye Symptoms

Knowing what pink eye symptoms are will help you in determining whether you may be suffering from this condition. Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is usually signified by a reddish or pinkish hue of the normally white parts of your eyes. You may find that you have excessive discharge coming out of your eyes and that it is yellowish in color. This mucus usually turns crusty when you sleep and makes it hard to open your eyes when you wake up. Itchiness and slight pain may also be present.

How Pink Eye Is Contracted

Most cases of pink eye are bacterial in nature. This condition is extremely contagious. Because of this, it is important to avoid sharing towels, eye care items, cosmetics, or any other item that comes into close proximity to the eyes. If one person in a family gets pink eye, it is a good idea to have other family members checked by an optometrist so eye care treatment is obtained for everyone. Make sure to wash your hands often to help keep eye secretions from spreading as well. It is best to call into work or school until the condition is fully treated.

How To Treat Pink Eye

If you do indeed have conjunctivitis, pink eye medicine is one of the pink eye remedies that work effectively. Our optometrist will prescribe drops to use in your eyes to stop eye infections and other pink eye symptoms. If you require treatment, contact Eyes Over Copley in Boston at (617) 859-0630 to make an appointment with our optometry team to check your vision.