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Dry Eye Treatment

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Dry Eye Syndrome Help With Our Boston Optometrist

Severe dry eye symptoms can hurt. If your eyes are looking red and feeling dry, there is relief available. Our Boston optometrist at Eyes Over Copley is here to help you find treatment and relief from your dry eye problems. Read on to learn about dry eye syndrome and how our optometrist can help you find the relief you need.

Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eyes and dry eyelids can cause many issues, including blurry vision, watery eyes, itchy eyes, red eyes, sensitivity to light, and the feeling that something is stuck in your eye. Severe dry eye symptoms can persist for months or even weeks. While dry eyes are uncomfortable, they can also make it difficult to work, drive, and even sleep. An optometrist will be able to help you find a solution for dry eyes- there's no reason to wait for your symptoms to become unbearable to seek treatment.

Dry Eye Relief

At your appointment, our optometrist will assess the condition of your dry eyes and dry eyelids, and talk to you about when your symptoms are most severe. We may recommend a simple treatment plan of dry eye drops and lifestyle changes that will help you find some relief. If this does not resolve symptoms, we may recommend minor procedures that work well to address the root causes of dry eyes. If you wear contacts, it's likely that we'll recommend that you switch to glasses until your condition resolves.

Call Our Boston Eye Care Center

Our optometry center is here to help you find treatment for your dry eye problems. Call our optometry and vision center, Eyes Over Copley, today to set up an appointment with an eye care specialist at 617-859-0630. We look forward to helping you find dry eye relief!