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  • Different Types of Contact Lenses
    Different Types of Contact Lenses Offered at Eyes Over Copley, in Boston When you decide to wear contact lenses instead of glasses, you want to understand the different options available for Read more
  • Cataracts Awareness
    What are Cataracts? Our eyes have an outer lens that bends and refracts light and helps us to see objects clearly. This lens lies just behind the iris and the pupil Read more
  • Workplace Eye Wellness
    Workplace Eye Wellness in Boston, MA You spend hours of time each day at your workplace, so you want to be aware of the dangers to your vision that may exist. Read more
  • Macular Degeneration Awareness Month
    Macular Degeneration Awareness from Our Boston Optometrist Macular degeneration is an eye disease that can lead to permanent vision loss if untreated by your Boston optometrist. Here at Eyes Over Copley, Read more
  • Importance of Eye Exams
    Importance of Eye Exams in Boston Getting an annual eye exam in Boston is the best form of preventive care for your eyes and vision. By going to Eyes Over Copley Read more
  • Types of Contact Lenses
    Types of Contact Lenses From Eyes Over Copley, Our Optometrist in Boston You may know that our optometrist in Boston carries several types of contact lenses, but do you know the Read more
  • Glaucoma Awareness
    Glaucoma Awareness at Your Boston Optometrist  As your Boston optometrist, we want to discuss a silent disease that affects millions and leads to blindness. Here at Eyes Over Copley, we want Read more