Eye Infections

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Eye infections are a danger no matter where you live, what your lifestyle is like, or what time of year it is. While contacts and seasonal allergies, for instance, can both lead to eye infections, so can a multitude of other factors. Whether or not you currently have an eye infection, it’s a good idea to know the signs. If you are currently experiencing an infection, it’s critical you get to your eye doctor as soon as possible.

Man with an eye infection needs to contact an eye doctor in Boston.

Having a relationship with a quality eye doctor near Boston is important. Even if you don’t wear glasses or contacts, you should get routinely checked to ensure you don’t need them in future. Plus, when you become a patient at an eye doctor near Boston, you know exactly where to go if you or someone you love has an eye infection. Don’t wait to reach out and forge that relationship today.

Your Eye Doctor Explains Causes and Symptoms of Eye Infections

The causes and symptoms of eye infections are extremely wide-ranging, but our eye doctor sees all types of these cases on a regular basis, meaning you aren’t “safe” from any type of infection. Infections are either viral or bacterial in nature. Both types of pathogen come from contact with an unclean surface. This could be a hand, a facial tissue or a contact that hasn’t been properly cleaned. Allergies cause runny eyes and noses, both of which create a good environment for breeding bacteria and viruses, once introduced.

Signs that you have an eye infection include:

  • Reddening of the sclera, or white part of the eye
  • Swelling or redness in the inner eye, eyelid or nearby areas
  • Weeping or mucus, either clear, white, yellow or green
  • Itchiness and flaking on the outer part of the eye
  • Consistent burning in the eye or on surrounding surfaces

If you have any of these symptoms, it’s time to see an eye doctor.

When You Should See an Optometrist and Get an Eye Exam

Still not sure if you need to see an optometrist for an eye exam to determine whether or not you have an infection? Our advice is always to head in to see the optometrist when you suspect you have an infection, not when it’s become full-blown. Some infections can be potentially blinding, especially after eye trauma or eye surgery, so it’s critical you come in for an exam for a diagnosis and course of treatment right away.

Come See Our Boston Eye Doctor Today

If you are experiencing an eye infection, we want you to come in and see us as soon as possible. Catching an infection early means quick treatment and a reduced chance of long-term consequences. Even simple infections such as conjunctivitis can lead to degraded eye health if they aren’t dealt with quickly and promptly. Our friendly team here at Eyes Over Copley is ready and willing to help you, no matter what you need. Please contact us today at 617-859-0630, and we’ll set up an appointment right away. We look forward to it.