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Sports Vision Care from our Optometrist in Boston, MA

When athletic excellence counts, so does visual acuity. Whether you're vying for a spot on the local school team or you're sharpening your skills on a professional level, if you want to do your best, you have to see your best. Sports requiring the ultimate in coordination and accuracy may require visual skills above and beyond the norm. That's when you need to investigate the sports vision options available here at Eyes Over Copley.

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Vision and Athletic Performance

The normal benchmark for "perfect" vision is a 20/20 score on the standard Snellen eye chart. But this rating really only means that you can see as well at 20 feet as the average person should be able to see at that distance. But it's possible for many people to see better than the average person, with visual acuity ratings of 20/15 or better. As many athletes can attest, that extra edge can make all the difference in certain sports. Archery, golf, baseball, hockey, race car driving, and many other pursuits make extreme demands on focus, teaming, tracking, depth perception and contrast perception. Some athletes may be seeing at less than 20/20 acuity without even realizing it, while others may be struggling with functional issues such as poor visual processing speed, amblyopia, and abnormal eye movement or alignment.

Evaluation and Correction at Our Boston Optometry Clinic

Come to our Boston optometry clinic for sports vision services that can sharpen your eyesight to its maximum potential. Our comprehensive eye and vision evaluations can detect even tiny flaws or problems that might be interfering with your chosen sport. We also perform specialized evaluations such as Hirschberg testing (a type of ocular alignment test) and eye dominance testing. Of course, we will also use the Snellen eye chart to double-check for refractive errors.

If we spot any impediments to your eyesight, we can provide sports vision therapies to help. Corrective lenses can make sure refractive errors aren't getting in your way, while different tints applied to the lenses can help make certain colors "pop" and boost perceived contrast. If you're experiencing the eye dominance imbalance known as amblyopia, we can employ patching and other techniques to help improve your depth perception. Alignment, teaming, tracking, and near-focus issues can be treated with eye/vision exercises such as "pencil push-ups."

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