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Eye & Vision Exams

Our Eye Doctor in Boston Offers Comprehensive Eye Exam Services 

At Eyes Over Copley, your eye doctor in Boston, we offer a full range of services to help ensure your vision remains protected and your eye health is cared for on a consistent basis. We recommend coming in for at least an annual appointment to have your eyes examined fully by our trusted specialists. Doing so can help us to spot areas of concern sooner while also giving you the opportunity to maintain the very best vision possible.
Woman getting an eye exam at Eyes Over Copley in Boston.

Your Routine Eye Exam Is Necessary

Most people should have an eye exam at least one time every year. If you have any changes to your vision or you have a vision-related or eye health-related concern, you may need to be seen more frequently. When you come in for your exam, our team, led by Dr. Patricia Fox, will work with you to determine the quality of your vision as well as look at your eye health.
During your eye exam, we’ll ask questions about any symptoms you have or concerns you may be experiencing. This may include changes to your vision, headaches, difficulty seeing, or pain. We’ll also gather a full family history to better understand any concerns related to your risk factors.

Vision Testing and Function Testing from Your Boston Optometrist

Your Boston optometrist will talk to you about what you can experience during your exam before getting started. During your eye exam, we’re looking at two key areas. First, we’ll consider your vision. Our vision testing involves acuity tests. We’ll ask you to read what you see on an eye chart on the wall. We will also use several machines in our office to gauge the quality of your vision. We aim to ensure you have the best quality of vision possible. If we notice any deficiencies, we may offer a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses to improve your vision as close to 20/20 as is possible.
The second component is an eye function test. We’re looking at the way your eye works. We’ll also look at how the eye muscle and nerves are functioning. This is a non-invasive test we do by asking you to move your eyes while we look closely at them.
We’ll also conduct an eye health examination. This allows us to look at the structure of your eye to notice any areas of concern. Our goal is to ensure there is no indication of glaucoma or other eye diseases. If we find them, we’ll talk about treatment options extensively.
During your eye exam, please ask us questions. Let us know about any symptoms you have or if you would like to consider new prescriptions or treatment options.

Schedule Your Eye Care in Boston with Us Today!

Call our team today to schedule an eye exam. Maintaining your eye care in Boston is easy when you put your trust in Dr. Fox and our team at Eyes Over Copley. We’re available to discuss any eye concerns you may have, write new prescriptions for you, and discuss treatments for any type of vision or eye health concerns present. Contact us today for an appointment: 617-859-0630.