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At Eyes Over Copley we take of all your eye care needs. Schedule an appointment, in a number of convenient ways, with one of Boston’s best optometrists and you will experience the benefit of a complete eye exam using today’s newest technology. You will be provided with a current prescription and our eye clinic will allow our eye doctors the ability to monitor the general health of your eyes. Our Optomap machine can provide us with visual image of the back of your eye, an excellent method to maintain a historical review of your eyes. Our optometrists are by far Boston’s best eye doctors for contact lens exams and contact lens fitting. The entire process is done by our (optometrists). Every review we received confirms the exceptional quality of Boston’s best optometrists. Our seamless process for ordering contact lenses can be done directly or on line through our website. Delivery can be done in a number of convenient ways including a lock box for pickup after normal business hours.

Our eyewear store has eye glasses for Boston and sunglasses for Boston that are considered the more diverse and unique in the city. These are truly personality glasses and our staff will assist you in choosing eyeglasses that will fit your style. We will give you as much advice as you would like. We can show you how you will look in various frames through our picture taking devise. The lenses we suggest to you are the best lenses currently available. We study and consider every product that comes into the market. We are experts in giving you the best product for your eyes. We will show you the benefits of various lens options. When ordering progressive lenses, our measuring device will allow us to make the best lenses our labs can produce. Our lens finishing, frame adjusting and glasses dispensing is done with pride and caring.

All this is accomplished in a pleasant and friendly environment. Our professional staff will give you the best possible vision and the most attractive glasses. You will be confident and excited to wear you new eyeglasses.

Eyes Over Copley. Where superior eyecare meets superior eye wear.