An Overview of Strabismus from Eyes Over Copley

At Eyes Over Copley, we work hard to make sure that everyone in Boston has access to complete eye care services. There are a few common ocular issues that our providers face. One example is called strabismus. Learn more about this common eye condition below.


The Symptoms of Strabismus

There are a few common eye conditions that our eye doctor team can treat. One of the most common is called strabismus. This is an eye condition in which the eyes don’t look in exactly the same direction. When someone looks into the eyes of another person, they should see a small, white reflection in the pupils that looks like a window. This window should be in the same pupillary location in each eye. If not, this person might have strabismus. 

When someone has strabismus, this might lead to vision concerns. Straining of the eyes can lead to headaches which can be debilitating if the condition is not treated quickly.

The Causes of Strabismus

Some people have strabismus from birth. Other people might develop this condition following an accident. Typically, the cause of strabismus has to do with the muscles that control the eyes. There are numerous muscles that all must work in concert to make sure the eyes are looking in the right direction. Issues with the muscles or the nerves that power the eyes can lead to strabismus. Fortunately, with the help of an eye doctor, this condition can be treated.

The Treatment of Strabismus

If someone has been diagnosed with this condition, there are a few treatment options available. First, some eye doctors will try to use an eye patch to align the eyes. This forces the brain to focus on one eye only, helping the eyes to line up. Then, there are also special lenses that can be used to focus the eyes in the right direction. Finally, there are even surgical procedures that can treat particularly severe forms of strabismus. Rely on a trained eye doctor for help with this condition.

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