Red Eye

Exceptional Eye Care For Red Eyes

The eyes are fascinating structures of the body that gives us the power to see everything around us in clarity. As intriguing they are, they are vulnerable to a magnitude of problems. Red eyes are just one of those problems and can be the result of a variety of issues. For those in the Boston, Cambridge, Charlestown, or Brookline areas, Eyes Over Copley is the place to go to for all optometry needs. Take a look at what causes red eyes and how they can be treated with eye care.


What Are Red Eyes?

Just like the name says, red eyes is when the sclera of the eye, or the white section of the eye, turned red or bloodshot. There are small blood vessels between the sclera and the conjunctiva. They are mostly invisible to the human eye, but when these vessels become swollen, whether, from allergies, infections, or any other reason, they become more noticeable, giving the look of red or bloodshot eyes.

Causes of Red Eyes

Some of the most common causes of red eyes are eye fatigue, allergies, dry eyes, computer vision syndrome, and contact lens overuse. These eye issues are typically not a cause of concern as they can be treated with eye care or lifestyle changes. However, in some cases, red eyes could be an indication of a serious problem, such as an eye infection, corneal ulcer, trauma, uveitis, or early stages of glaucoma.

To determine the reason behind your red eyes, your best bet is to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor who can diagnose the condition and find the appropriate treatment for it.

Eye Care Treatment for Red Eyes

Treatment for red eyes heavily depends on the cause of them, hence the reason why to see an eye doctor for a diagnosis. For example, if your red eyes are the result of allergies, an eye doctor may suggest taking allergy medication or eye drops to minimize the swelling and other symptoms. Prescription medication or ointments are typically recommended for eye infection causes. Lubricant eye drops help reduce dry eye syndrome symptoms and eye redness appearance.

See a Professional Eye Doctor Today

If you are struggling with red eyes, we at Eyes Over Covey, serving the Boston, Cambridge, Charlestown, and Brookline areas, can help. Schedule an appointment with our eye care professional today by giving us a call at 617-859-0630. Your eyes are precious, and making sure they are comfortable and free of a condition should be a priority.