Our eye doctor, Dr. Fox, is an optometrist Boston patients can trust with their eyewear and eye care needs. She will make sure your lens prescription is accurate and up-to-date, but she also wants you to love your new eyewear. Before we customize your next pair of prescription eyewear, learn more about our prescription eyewear options, including the brands we carry and the options we offer for different patients.

prescription eyewear and designer frames at Eyes Over Copley

Prescription Eye Glasses in Boston

At Eyes Over Copley, we know that eyeglasses can only improve your vision and protect your eyes if you wear them correctly and consistently. The frames must be the perfect fit for your eyes and face, and the lenses must have the right prescription for your refractive errors. Of course, you also want them to look good and protect your eyes from the elements. That's why we work hard to customize the perfect prescription eye glasses for every patient.

Browse Our Selection of Boston Designer Frames

Next time you update your prescription, upgrade your style too. At Eyes Over Copley, we truly care about the quality of your eyewear. We offer frames from the following designer brands and manufacturers:

Innovative Prescription Lenses by HOYA

Because we want your lenses to work well and last a long time, we primarily offer HOYA lenses at our Boston optometry center. HOYA is a trusted optical brand, with lenses in hospitals, space shuttles, and consumer electronics, and they offer unparalleled customization options. You get to choose how light, thin, and durable your HOYA lenses are. We also offer the following HOYA protective coatings:  

Super HiVision EX3 – Premium anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating

HOYA Recharge – Blocks 30 percent of blue light from computer screens to reduce digital eye strain

Our Boston eye doctor will also help you explore different lens designs by HOYA, including:

iD LifeStyle – Lightweight, lifestyle-specific lenses include Clarity and Harmony 

Summit iQ – High-definition lenses that offer crisper, wider viewing zones in every direction

Sensity – Latest photochromic lens, which gets darker outdoors and lighter indoors

Prescription Contact Lenses in Boston

Some of our patients prefer the look and feel of contact lenses, and we have them covered too. Dr. Fox will help you decide between disposable and extended use contacts, soft and gas permeable lenses, and traditional or specialty contacts. We carry the following contact lens brands:

Boston Contact Lens Exams

Before we customize your prescription contact lenses, you need a contact lens exam to make sure your contacts fit correctly and correct your vision as intended. During your contact lens fitting and eye exam, our Boston optometrist will measure your eyes and test different functions and focal abilities. 

Schedule an Eye Exam with Our Boston Eye Doctor Today! 

Comfortable, flattering protective eyewear starts with a comprehensive eye exam. Call Eyes Over Copley today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fox, the eye doctor Boston patients trust to deliver quality eye care and eyewear. Do you need a new optometrist near Boston? Are your eyeglasses or contact lenses ineffective or uncomfortable? Contact us at (617) 859-0630 to request an appointment with Dr. Fox today.