Eye Care Treatment For Cataracts

Does your vision seem cloudy or blurry at times? Do you sometimes spot glares or halos around lights in your field of vision? What about faded colors? You might have a cataract. Here at Eyes Over Copley, serving Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, Arlington, and surrounding areas, we are trained to test for, diagnose, and treat a range of eye issues, including cataracts. Here is what you need to know about this eye disease.

Senior man with cataracts

What is a Cataract?

Cataracts form when the lens of your eye becomes cloudy. The lens works to focus light when it passes through the eye, projecting clear images onto the retina. A forming cataract will block the light that passes through, creating images that are less defined. Cataracts negatively impact vision and causes blurriness, fuzziness, and sensitivity to light and color.

Cataracts can be the result of diabetes, steroid usage, smoking, drinking, ultraviolet radiation exposure, or a nutritional deficiency. This condition is much more prevalent among people over the age of 50. If left untreated, cataracts can become a serious problem for the person affected. 

How Cataracts Are Found 

Cataracts can be diagnosed through a comprehensive eye exam, which may include a patient history questionnaire, a visual acuity test, a color vision test, a glare sensitivity test, lens evaluation, retina evaluation, and measurement of the patient's eye pressure. All of these tests will help to determine how healthy the patient's eyes are and whether they are affected by a particular eye disease.

How an Eye Doctor Can Help

A licensed optometry expert will be able to perform the tests mentioned above. Once diagnosed, your eye doctor can present you with a range of options for treatment. One popular treatment option is cataract surgery, which is a safe procedure that removes the cataract from the eye's lens. Your optometrist can provide also provide you with advice for cataract prevention, such as a reduction in alcohol or cigarette smoking. 

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