Diabetic Eye Care FAQs

Eyes Over Copley Answers Your Diabetic Eye Care FAQs

When you have diabetes, maintaining good health becomes a bit more complicated. The health of your eyes becomes a more pressing concern because of the effects of high blood sugar levels. At Eyes Over Copley in Boston, MA, we provide continuous care for patients with diabetes to help maintain eye health. Here are a few common questions we receive about diabetic eye care.

Diabetic Eye Care FAQs

Why Does Diabetes Affect Eye Health?

Diabetes is a condition that results in a decrease in the production of insulin in the body that removes glucose from the blood. A buildup of glucose can damage the walls of blood vessels. The fragile blood vessels in the eyes are particular susceptible to this damage, and regular eye care is required to prevent loss of vision.

What Eye Problems Can Diabetes Cause?

Damage caused by diabetes can lead to macular edema, a condition in which the “macula,” an area of the retina, fills with fluid. A detachment of the retina can also occur, a condition that occurs when the retina pulls away from its normal position and source of blood and oxygen. This condition is an eye emergency that may require immediate surgery to save vision.

What Tests Will My Eye Doctor Perform?

Your Boston optometrist will dilate the pupils of your eyes and use special equipment to view the internal structures. This equipment allows the eye doctor to see changes in the blood vessels of the eyes, such as leakage of fluid or bleeding of the optic nerve.

What Happens If My Optometrist Finds A Problem?

If any abnormality is detected, your optometrist will refer you to an eye specialist for further treatment. Medications, laser surgery and other types of surgery may be necessary to correct the problem to prevent vision loss.

How Can I Help Prevent Vision Loss From Diabetes?

Careful attention to diet, exercise and medications can help you avoid loss of vision that can result from high blood glucose levels. Regular eye examinations to monitor the condition of your eyes are important to avoiding vision problems. If you have difficulty maintaining normal blood glucose levels, consult with your physician to find alternatives for managing your diabetes.

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