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Learn about our Optometry Practice in Boston's Copley Square

At Eyes Over Copley, we take pride in giving our patients a reliable, high-quality experience every time they visit for any type of eye health or vision concern. We are a dedicated team led by Dr. Patricia Fox, who loyally serve the Boston, MA area. We take pride in hiring only those who have the same level of dedication to our patients. We also select individuals who have experience and a professional demeanor. This helps us ensure we can provide our patients with personalized care during each visit.

Dr. Patricia Fox is our Trusted, Dedicated Optometrist in Boston

Dr. Patricia Fox and her team aim to be the trusted optometrist in Boston each patient needs. This includes providing a comfortable appointment and outstanding support. We aim to exceed the expectations of our patients to ensure complete satisfaction with the services we offer. To achieve this, we do our best to accommodate your busy schedule with flexible appointment times. We also ensure that each member of our team is ready to give you the best level of care every time you visit.

Services Offered at Eyes Over Copley

When you visit our practice, you can expect to get one-on-one care and full access to all of your vision and eye health needs. We strive to do this at Eyes Over Copley by providing you with a range of services. Among them include the following:

Eye exam - Schedule your annual eye exam or a follow up with us at any time. We encourage you to talk to your eye doctor about any vision concerns you have at the time of calling us.

LASIK services - Are you interested in LASIK? Talk to your eye doctor about your vision and whether or not you are a candidate for this procedure.You may be able to minimize your dependency on eyeglasses.

Designer frames - We carry a large selection of beautiful, high-quality eyeglasses and sunglasses. Our collection is constantly changing as new technology in frame designs and styles become available. Let our trained staff help you to see what your options are and to choose a pair that is both stylish and fitting for your needs.

Contact lens exam - Many people prefer contact lenses. However, this requires a specific contact lens exam, not a standard eye exam. This exam allows us to get appropriate measurements and to select the right type of contacts for your eyes.

Contact lens fittings - We are experts at fitting contact lenses. Whether you are new to contacts or have worn them for years, we are experienced at determining exactly what types of contacts are best suited to your needs. We help you find the most comfortable lenses with the best possible vision by staying current with new contact lens technology. This will give you an opportunity not only to get into the right contact lenses for your vision needs but also to get those that are comfortable. We’ll teach you how to use and care for them as well.

With a full range of services, flexible scheduling, and outstanding staff, we’re here to help you with your optometry needs.

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It only takes a few minutes to get the help you need when you call our Boston Optometrist at Eyes Over Copley. Expect personalized care and attention to your needs every time you contact our offices. Contact us today at (617) 859-0630.