Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses Provided by a Boston, MA Eye Doctor 

Far too often, people want to wear contacts for aesthetic purposes. However, there are other reasons to opt for this type of corrective eyewear. Our optometrist at Eyes Over Copley, serving Boston, Cambridge, Charlestown, Brookline, and the surrounding area, determine the right prescription for you and even help you learn to take care of your contacts if you've never had them before.

contact lenses

Benefits of Contacts  

First and foremost, you don't have to hide your eyes behind a pair of glasses. The stem and frame of your glasses might not always go with what you're wearing, so you may feel compelled not to wear your glasses for special events. On the other hand, if you lose or break your glasses, they're expensive to replace. When you lose or damage a contact, you can just put another one in and not have to spend a great deal of money. You also don't have to worry about the glare associated with glasses.

Vision Exam 

One of the first parts of your exam for contact lenses is your vision exam. This portion of the appointment consists of our optometry expert asking you to read various lines of print through lenses. You have to read the letters correctly, and based on the row you see clearest, we determine the strength of your contacts. You'll need to undergo the test for both of your eyes. We also check you for astigmatism at this time. We do so by asking you which image you see clearer. The results of the astigmatism test will determine if you require specialized lenses like toric ones.

Eye Health Test 

In order to make sure your eyes are healthy enough for contacts, we perform a screening on your eyes. We may ask you to look into a machine that sends a burst of air into them in order to check you for glaucoma. Our eye doctor may look into your eyes through a specialized magnifying device that lets us see into your eye and assess for any type of damage.

Contact Lens Fitting

The next part of your eye care appointment consists of an optometry expert asking you to look into a machine. This machine takes the measurements of your eyes. We use these dimensions, so you have a pair of contacts that fit you comfortably.

Proper Care 

If you've never had contacts before, our optometrist will educate you on how to put your contacts in safely. During this portion of your eye care visit, our optometrist tells you the proper way to take care of your contacts, so they last and you don't get an infection. 

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