Pre-Op and Post-Op LASIK Evaluations

LASIK surgery can potentially have a tremendous, positive impact on your life. If you live near Cambridge, Charlestown, or Brookline, visit Eyes Over Copley to discuss the benefits and risks of LASIK surgery. With Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery, a specialized cutting laser is used to change the shape of the clear tissues that sit in front of your cornea. LASIK surgery can eliminate the need to wear glasses or contact lenses.


Like any surgery, LASIK is a serious commitment and you should understand the risks. In some rare cases, LASIK can damage your eye and even reduce your vision. However, these cases are rare and many optometrists would argue that damage from eye infections is a greater risk. Visit our optometrist before having LASIK surgery and undergo the appropriate pre and post-op examinations.

Pre LASIK Eye Exams

If you are considering LASIK, you need to speak with an eye doctor. This way, the doctor can examine your eyes and determine if you’re a good candidate for surgery. A few weeks before the eye examination, it’s a good idea to stop wearing your contacts. Contact lenses can change the shape of your eye, which may interfere with the examination. Speak to our optometrist and ask how many weeks she recommends.

While speaking with our eye doctor, make sure you tell her about all of your eye conditions. Also, mention any medications you’re taking. Our doctor will then conduct a thorough eye exam. During this exam, the doctor can measure many things, including your corneal mapping, eye dominance, pupil size, and muscle balance. Our doctor will also examine your tear film, retinas, optic nerves, and more.

Some people are at a higher risk of complications during LASIK surgery. Others may simply not benefit much. Our eye doctor will determine the likelihood of success before you undergo the surgery.

Post-Op LASIK Vision Checkups

You will likely undergo your first post-LASIK eye exam just one day after the surgery. Our optometrist is going to look for several things and will use a variety of tools, such as a slit lamp. Vision progress and performance with reading charts may be tested. You will be exposed to bright lights to measure your reactions. Your tears will also be assessed and we will look for evidence of dry eye.

Choose Eyes Over Copley for Your Eye Exams

As always, you should receive regular eye exams, especially if you are considering LASIK surgery. If you line in Cambridge, Charlestown, Brookline, or the surrounding area, and you’re considering LASIK surgery, call Eyes Over Copley today at 617-859-0630 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fox.