Eye Floaters

Eyes Over Copley Offers Help for Eye Floaters

You may have noticed tiny cobwebs, strings, or spots floating around in your field of vision. You can never quite focus on them, because they constantly drift just out of your focus. These “floaters” are a common problem that are usually harmless, but can obstruct otherwise good vision. At Eyes Over Copley in Boston, MA, we offer an eye floaters cure to resolve annoying floater problems.

What Are Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters are bits of debris that slough off the eye and collect in the vitreous gel-like matter that is a part of the eye’s structure. The particles can form into a variety of shapes and sizes that the individual may catch a glimpse of as they focus on a light-colored background. They are called “floaters” because they appear to float away as you try to focus on them.

What Causes Eye Floaters?

The formation of this debris in the vitreous matter occurs naturally as the eyes age. However, other factors can contribute to development of floaters, such as inflammation at the back of the eye, bleeding in the eye from medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, retinal tears or eye surgery and medications.

Eye Floater Treatment

When eye floaters become severe enough to obstruct normal vision, your eye doctor may recommend vitrectomy, a procedure that removes the vitreous matter and replaces is with a solution. This can help to reduce annoying vitreous floaters. Laser surgery is another eye floater cure that breaks up the floaters to make them less noticeable in your field of vision.

Your Optometrist at Eyes Over Copley Can Help

Your eye doctor in Boston can provide comprehensive exams during your annual visit. Our optometrist will use special equipment to view the internal structures of your eye, looking for any abnormalities that might indicate vitreous detachment, glaucoma, or other problems. The doctor will ensure you have the right vision prescription for your needs, to help you look past any existing floaters that obstruct your vision. If the development of these floaters increases, or inhibits your normal activities, our optometrist may recommend an eye floaters solution, such as surgery, to improve vision.

Make Eyes Over Copley Your Optometrist For Eye Floaters Treatment

Dr. Patricia Fox has extensive training in optometry to provide quality eye care for her patients in Boston and nearby areas. We offer a range of vision services, including exams, contact lens fitting, hard-to-fit contacts, sports vision care, computer vision, and treatment of eye diseases. Call Eyes Over Copley today at 617-859-0630 for an appointment to have your eyes checked and learn about effective eye floater solutions to help you see more clearly.