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Contact lenses can be helpful when you lead an active lifestyle or have discomfort from wearing glasses. One of the most important things to remember when seeking contact lenses is to have the correct eye exam, prescription, and type of lenses that will meet your needs. The team at Eyes Over Copley specializes in comprehensive contact lens exams to ensure you are a good candidate for this type of eyewear. We’re your resource for Charlestown contact lenses!

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From eye exams to eyewear and contact lens selection, you can trust the team at Eyes Over Copley. With years of experience, Dr. Patricia Fox is a trusted optometrist near Charlestown. Dedicated to the optometry profession, the goal is to exceed every expectation while ensuring every patient receives the highest level of care. The eyes are very sensitive, and should not be taken for granted. An optometrist can help evaluate and educate on properly maintaining good eye health.

Contact lens exams are more comprehensive than a standard eye exam. It measures your eyes and their surface, includes a tear film evaluation, and checks for any underlying issues, and helps determine the right contact lens for you. You must be properly fitted for contact lenses or the possibility of causing damage to your eyes becomes greater. Once you have been given a prescription, you will wear your contacts for a few days, and then return for an evaluation to make sure your eyes have adjusted.

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Let Eyes Over Copley fulfill the eye care needs of your entire family! With a wide array of services, we are able to keep eye health a top priority! For more information on how we can assist, give our established family eye care provider for Charlestown a call today! We accept most insurance plans and are ready to help you maintain your eyes. To schedule an appointment, you can reach one of our staff at (617) 859-0630.