Don't Let Myopia Ruin Your Vision

There are many people who suffer from nearsightedness each year. This debilitating condition can create vision problems for the person who is afflicted with it. Fortunately, there is a cure for this condition that can help you restore your vision back to normal. Eyes Over Copley in Boston, MA has the resources you need to help you overcome this condition.

man suffering from nearsightedness

What is Nearsightedness?

This condition, also known as myopia, affects an individual's field of vision. Objects that are closer will seem clear and objects that are further away will become distorted. This optical ailment creates many problems for the individual and can become a hindrance in their everyday lives.

How Does an Optometrist Diagnose Myopia?

A different test will be given to an individual to determine whether or not they have myopia. Here are some sample tests that you may find at your local optometry office:

  • Distance chart. This type of test will determine visual acuity. The patient will determine writing on a chart from various distances. Your eye care specialist will be able to assess your vision after performing this test.
  • Phoropter. An optometrist will utilize a special instrument called a phoropter that measures your eyes. This will determine the shape of your eyes which will, in turn, help your doctor determine whether or not you have myopia or not.

Treatment Options

Here are some treatment options that will help you correct your vision if you suffer from nearsightedness:

  • Eyeglasses. Specially designed eyeglasses may be in order to help you correct your vision.
  • Contacts. Special contacts are also an option to help you improve your vision. These will reflect light correctly and allow you to improve your vision.
  • LASIK. Surgery is oftentimes considered the last option for patients. LASIK surgery is a non-invasive surgery that can help reshape your eyes to allow light to enter correctly. 

How Does One Become Short Sighted?

People often experience short-sighted symptoms from a deformed eyeball. The eyes are unable to reflect light properly and thus create these vision conditions. Fortunately, there is a cure that can help you recover from this vision issue. Here are various treatment options that your optometry specialist may recommend.

Pathological Myopia

This special type of myopia has the ability to do more damage if you do not remedy the problem immediately. Pathological myopia affects about 2% of the population and is the seventh leading cause of legal blindness in the world. Seeking treatment immediately is key to preventing permanent vision loss. Your eye care doctor will be able to determine whether or not you have pathological myopia after performing an eye exam.

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