Eye & Vision Exams

Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Of your five senses, vision is perhaps the most vital. By scheduling regular eye exams at Eyes Over Copley in Boston, you can improve your eye health and protect your vision. An annual eye care checkup can forewarn your optometrist of potential problems that could pose a risk to your sight. We offer a full range of optometry services in Boston to meet all your eye care needs.

woman getting a eye exam

What to Expect from Eye Exams

In general, eye exams should be scheduled annually, with the exception of individuals with vision-related problems who may need more frequent checkups. During your exam, we’ll discuss any problems you may be currently experiencing with your eyes, if any, along with your symptoms. We’ll then discuss your overall eye health history to see what problems you’ve experienced in the past and how these were treated. We’ll also delve into your overall medical history to get an idea of vision risks you may face in the future.  

By taking time to review this information, your Boston optometrist can make accurate decisions concerning any eye treatments you may need in the future. It also helps us create an accurate eye health record to refer back to when needed. Once this review has been completed, we’ll move on to testing.

Eye Vision and Function Testing

At Eyes Over Copely, we conduct eye vision and eye function testing as part of your eye exam to give us an accurate evaluation of your vision. Vision testing involves the use of acuity tests to measure the accuracy of your sight. We’ll have you read from an eye chart to determine your perception and use special machines to evaluate the quality of your vision. Depending on the results of your tests, we’ll recommend an eyeglass or contact lens prescription to enhance your vision.

An eye function test evaluates how well your eyes work. We’ll examine your eyes as you move them about to determine how the eye muscles and nerves are functioning.

Eye Health Examination

Last, but not least, is our eye health exam in which we inspect eye structure for signs of glaucoma or other eye diseases. The earlier we can diagnose an eye condition, the sooner you can start with treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent eye diseases from spreading and damaging your vision. If you have any questions about your vision, vision problems, or treatments, our Boston optometrist will be more than happy to address them at any time during or after your examination.

Schedule an Eye Exam

To learn more about our optometry services in Boston or to schedule a comprehensive eye exam for any member of your family, contact Eyes Over Copely at (617) 859-0630 today.